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Making America your new home.

We are a start-up focused on providing intercultural solutions.

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Social entrepreneurship is our jam. 

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Bossa Creative LLC is a women-owned,
intercultural start-up located in South Carolina.


Support to legal immigrants who want to work in the U.S.

In 2024, we're set to launch a comprehensive online course, e-Books and audiobooks (English and Portuguese), which will help thousands of immigrants in the U.S. understand the culture and the American workplace in a dynamic and easy way.

Introducing the game-changing addition to Expatriation Packages:
the ultimate solution for comprehensive expat spousal support.

I used to have a career in my home country but I don't know how to start working in the U.
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Expatriation can be an exhilarating adventure, but it often comes with challenges, especially for spouses accompanying their partners on this journey. That's why we have identified the missing piece in Expatriation Packages and developed an unparalleled solution to address this crucial need.

Our innovative expat spousal support solution goes beyond the conventional offerings, providing a holistic approach that takes into account the unique requirements and aspirations of expat spouses. We understand that the success of an international assignment hinges on the well-being and satisfaction of the entire family, and our comprehensive support package ensures that spouses are equipped with the tools and resources they need to thrive in their new environment.

What sets our solution apart is the depth and breadth of our services. We offer personalized assistance in various aspects of expat life, including cultural adaptation, language training, career development, and community integration. We believe that professional fulfillment is vital to the overall happiness and stability of expat families.

Through our extensive network of professionals, we enable expat spouses to continue or embark on a fulfilling career path while abroad. Our team is dedicated to empowering expat spouses with the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to navigate their new surroundings confidently.

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WOW—Work Opportunities for Women
Job & Career Fair

On October 22, 2022, we had the first WOW — Work Opportunities for Women at the Mauldin Cultural Center. This was a 3-part event whose main goal was to prepare women, American and foreign-born, to enter the workforce.

  • August 31st: How to write a killer resume (online)

  • September 29th: Preparing for job interviews (online)

  • October 22nd: WOW Job & Career Fair (in-person)


The October 22 event had a workshop on how to build a successful LinkedIn Account with Coach Cierra Wiles, Talks on Fast Track Careers with Greenville Tech and four professional photographers taking headshots on-site.


This event was organized in partnership with The Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce and had several sponsors, such as:

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We are Bossa.


We harness the power of creativity, data research, and innovation to champion diversity and interculturalism. Our mission is to create innovative solutions that foster the seamless integration of international individuals who live legally, work and play in the United States.


Whether through dynamic events or personalized programs, our objectives are two-fold: to empower foreign-born professionals and cultivate a profound sense of belonging within the international community.

We are Bossa.


Bossa is a Brazilian word that means a certain pizzazz, talent, ability and style to do things in a lively and clever way — and that’s how we strive to do things!


We love what we do.


Our events and programs focus on people of all ages and backgrounds, including international and professional women, children, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

"We may have all come on
different ships, but we're in
the same boat now

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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international firms call South Carolina home. Majority-owned, foreign-affiliated companies employ more than 158,000 South Carolinians - 7% of the state's private industry employment.

Circle size represents total number of companies for each country of origin within a specific county. Locations are only a representation of operations in the county and are not meant to show a specific location. Source: South Carolina Department of Commerce


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