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We are an intercultural marketing and communications start-up

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Social entrepreneurship is our jam. 


of the people who moved to South Carolina in 2020 is foreign-born


We are Bossa.


Bossa Creative LLC is a women-owned, intercultural, marketing start-up located in Greenville, SC.


We put creativity, data research and innovation to work in favor of diversity and interculturalism. We develop solutions to promote the integration of the international individuals who live, work and play in the U.S. From events to one-on-one programs, our goal is twofold: empower foreign-born professionals and to promote the sense of belonging among the international community. 



international companies located in Upstate SC

Source: Upstate SC Alliance


countries represented
making the Upstate SC one of the most globally engaged regions in the United States

Source: Upstate SC Alliance

We have Bossa.

Bossa is a Brazilian word that means a certain pizzazz, talent, ability and style to do things in a lively and clever way — and that's how we strive to do things!

We love what we do. 

Our events and programs focus on people of all ages and backgrounds, including international and professional women, children, small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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international firms call South Carolina home. Majority-owned, foreign-affiliated companies employ more than 158,000 South Carolinians - 7% of the state's private industry employment.

Circle size represents total number of companies for each country of origin within a specific county. Locations are only a representation of operations in the county and are not meant to show a specific location. Source: South Carolina Department of Commerce

"We may have all come on
different ships, but we're in
the same boat now

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

About the international community
in the Upstate SC


of the population speak a language other than English at home

active international associations & organizations

international cuisines (restaurants & groceries)

of language and cultural groups for residents and expats


Sources: Upstate SC Alliance & Move Upstate SC

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Our Solutions

Intercultural Event

This intercultural event celebrates cultural exchange and encourages international vendors and entrepreneurship among international women.

(As featured at Move Up Upstate SC)


Business Event

Small businesses owners of all nationalities are invited to participate in this networking and lead-generating event. We offer workshops, live performances and on-site services geared toward professional development.

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Kids' Event

This free event is open to the public and invites children of all ages to watch G-rated movies with audio in their native language.


Our exclusive program called The Protagonist Experience provides tools and answers to professional expat women who want to enter the American workforce with confidence. From diploma validation to starting a new business, we've got them covered.



Moving to a new country comes with a great deal of unknowns. That is why our team is in the process of creating a variety of e-Books to help the international community in their acculturation process. 

International Children's
Books Club

Coming soon.

International Women Back-to-Work Program

The international community
and the economy in South Carolina

There are approximately 288,580 foreign-born individuals living in South Carolina, which represents 5.6% of the state's population. To learn more, visit The New American Economy. 




Total business income of immigrant entrepreneurs



Sources:, American Immigration Council and Migration Policy Institute — Data from 2019

The Protagonist Experience 

A good number of women relocate to the U.S. because their husbands have been transferred, and in doing so, they give up their careers in their homeland. Among these women, many do not feel well equipped to enter the American workforce. Whether it’s because they don’t know how to validate their diploma, can't speak English well enough or because they can't find time to look for answers, this inability to be professionally productive causes them a multitude of negative feelings.

These women have interrupted their careers to support their spouse's goals. Professionally, it is as if they have left the center stage to become the spectator of somebody else's performance. They are no longer the protagonist, but are relegated to a supporting role. 

We’ve seen this happening one too many times. It has happened to us and to many of our friends. When we realized that there was no remedy for this collective pain, we decided to be on the frontline of this battle and become agents of change in our community. And so, The Protagonist Experience was born.

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The Protagonist Experience is a program geared toward international women interested in entering the American workforce for the first time. To participate in the program, our Protagonists must have work authorization and be residents in the U.S. 


We at Bossa Creative believe that professional talent has no borders. We are ready to empower these women and to see them putting their talents to good use again.



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Greenville International Bazaar — 1st Edition

Our first intercultural event was born at Beija-Flor Jeans, Greenville, SC. We had 8 countries represented, 14 vendors and 400+ visitors.



Greenville International Bazaar — 2nd Edition

The 2nd edition happened at Upstate International, Greenville, SC. We had 10 countries represented, 32 vendors and 1,000+ visitors. 

Bossa in a nutshell

  • We assist skilled expat women to enter the American workforce.

  • We promote the sense of belonging among foreign-born children.

  • We empower entrepreneurs.

Join us on our journey and
be a part of something bigger.


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